Automation and MES Solutions

Our automation specialists are experts with most major processing modules. We can provide plant integration, commission support, process verification, green field engineering, upgrade projects, and much more to ensure control of your operation.

Field Service Icon

Field Service

Our processing specialists will troubleshoot, install upgrades, provide technical reviews training, production support, remote support and commissioning.

Quality Performance Management

To confirm maximum productivity from your equipment, our quality performance specialists provide sterility and product troubleshooting, plant reviews, competence development, turn-key calibration, performance improvement, and legal support.

Competence Development

We provide custom made training for processing, automation, quality analysis, operators, management, and troubleshooting methodology.

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Site Management

We can cover every aspect of installation and site management for processing of beverage and dairy products.

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Operational IT

Troubleshooting, tech audits, upgrades, training, production support, remote support, and commissioning of local or custom made process modules are services you can count on.

Liquid Consulting has been working with major players within the food processing industry, providing highly qualified specialists for commissioning, troubleshooting and automation support since 2006. Our employees are experienced with most branded process modules and plants. Today, we are an acknowledged authority on processing, automation, quality performance analysis, as well as quality customer support.

We are building an organization of the future already in today's world. We strive to be virtual, global, futuristic, unique, and lifelong learning partners.
Our goal is to become the liquid specialist for leading manufacturing organizations within the beverage and food processing industry.

In a constantly changing global environment, a partnership with Liquid Consulting is a future-proof investment.


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